Founding Fathers RAF100

On the 1st of April 1918 the World's first independent air force was formed by merging the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps. Entitled 'The Royal Air Force' (RAF), this new service was the British response to the growing role of airpower in warfare.

2018 sees the centenary of the RAF and to celebrate this BFPS has produced a commemorative cover to be released on the 1st April 2018.

This superb looking cover bears the images of the four founding fathers of the RAF, Lord HughTrenchard, Field Marshall Jan Christian Smuts, Air Vice Marshall Sir Charles Longcroft and Sir Winston Churchill. The BFPS 3214 special handstamp featuring the RAF logo will be used to cancel one of the Royal Mail's specially issued 1st class 'RAF Centenary' stamps.

These covers come with a double insert, featuring the history of the RAF on one and the story of the forgotten founding father, Sir David Henderson, on the other. Both of these will be presented in a cellophane sleeve to create a high quality souvenir to mark this historic centenary.

Also available will be a few sheets of the personalised BFPS RAF100 Smiler® stamps (20 per sheet), priced at £38 per sheet (whilst stocks last - limited numbers available).

The covers and stamp sheets may be ordered by mail order post by sending a cheque (payable to 'BFPS CIC') to BFPS The Old Post Office Links Place Elie LEVEN KY9 1AX.


Issue date:
01 April 2018
Is signed:
Has insert:

BFPS_3214_Founding_Fathers_RAF100_SHSBFPS special handstamp

Please note that the final handstamp may vary slightly from that shown


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