Ice Maiden Expedition Across Antarctica

The Ice Maiden team, all women soldiers serving in the British Army or Army Reserve, are aiming to become the first all-female team to use muscle power alone to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica. Unsupported, and with only two resupply points along the route, they will carry all the supplies and equipment needed to survive for up to 600km at a time. This expedition is currently in progress with the team making great progress towards their end goal.

BFPS has produced a commemorative cover to mark this historic attempt to be released sometime in February once the expedition is complete. Some of the covers produced will be carried on the expedition.



The cover bears an image of the expedition with its route marked in red. A special handstamp, BFPS 3213 featuring a silhouette of an "Ice Maiden", will be used to cancel a personalised Smiler® stamp which bears an image of the Ice Maiden team at the South Pole.

There will be two versions issued:

  • Standard version costing £7.50 each.
  • Limited special edition carried on the expedition costing £20 each.

Also on offer will be some sheets of the personalised Smiler® stamps used on the cover, priced at £38 each.

These most sought after covers and stamps may be ordered from the BFPS online shop ( and you will be notifed of the availability as and when we receive the details.





The BFPS 3213 Special Handstamp



Smiler® Stamp


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